No Affiliate Links contains no affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing is a popular way for authors to earn income from their blog or articles. It means I would get a small commission if you click the link and then make a purchase. The FTC mandates authors disclose such affiliations to keep everything ethical. The practice is so common that if I fail to mention it at all, I’m afraid readers will assume I’m simply doing it without disclosing it!

Why no affiliate links?

Simply put, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I was going to, actually. I tried, I really did. But right when I was about to wade into that world, it felt wrong for me. I stopped. And I realized, when it comes right down to it, I don’t think I ought to get paid until I’ve developed something useful enough that people are willing to pay me directly for it. And once people are paying me for substance that enhances their lives, why would I want to cheapen the effect by adding affiliations?

Perhaps I am an idealist. I like the idea of how no affiliate ties is an additional indicator of honesty in my reviews. I like avoiding the distraction of chasing pennies. I like that I can just focus on what I do best.

Do you judge other authors and bloggers who use affiliate links?


Many wonderful, ethical bloggers–who have personally earned my respect–use affiliate marketing. When I started this website I assumed I would go that route, too.

The reasons I’ve chosen to do no affiliate links are personal. When I attempted it, I felt bad; when I decided against it, I felt good. I know how I work best, what motivates me, and what arrangements are most likely to result in success. I’d rather spend long hours and late nights honing my writing and knowledge into an invaluable product. I cannot see myself putting in that same amount of time and effort in hopes that someone will click through and buy products I’m linking to right after they read my post. *I* don’t even shop like that.