Soap that’s just coconut oil.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.


There’s liquid soap that’s just soaponified coconut oil.

Nutribiotic organic coconut oil soap unscented fragrance free

This product has been my go-to soap for over a decade. I use it for dishes, hand soap, laundry, and general purpose cleaning. Back when my MCS was most severe, I became desperate to find even one soap I could use. I tried so many different possibilities to no avail. Life without soap sucked! Then I discovered this one. Not only is it fragrance free, but it also literally has no smell to it, not even the natural scent prevalent in Dr. Bronner’s and many other brands of “unscented” soaps. It became my lifesaver.

There are two brands I know of that make it: Tropical Traditions and Nutribiotic.

Tropical Traditions unscented liquid coconut oil soap

The Tropical Traditions soap is slightly more expensive, and only available from their website. They seem to use a higher grade organic coconut oil than other companies. I’ve never experienced their soap going rancid. It contains only soaponified coconut oil, with no other ingredients whatsoever. The soap is offered in foaming dispensers, which have limited refills before the pump begins sticking so bad you can’t use it anymore. You can buy it here.

Nutribiotic unscented liquid coconut oil soap

The Nutribiotic soap is more readily available. You can find it on Amazon or possibly on the shelf of your local health store. It does not come with foaming dispenser, but is compatible with them. Nutribiotic adds ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as a preservative. Like Tropical Traditions, the coconut oil it uses is organic, but in my experience the soap can go rancid if left for a couple years, even unopened. You’d know by the yellow color and rancid odor. This generally isn’t a problem so long as you rotate through what you have. You can buy it here.

They’re both kick-ass soaps.

I’ve used both for YEARS and notice absolutely no difference in smell or use. As with all coconut oil soaps, they are drying so you probably want to consider using lotion alongside it. Some people even add coconut oil to the soap itself to give your hands a bit more moisture. Also note that because these soaps are so minimalist, with no gelling or thickening agents, they have a very thin consistency, like water. Foaming dispensers are a great way to go, providing a rich lather.

Personally, I’ll always have some of this stuff on hand.

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Meet my stovetop toaster.

This is how I make toast.

Stovetop toaster for RV

Life in an RV puts counter space at a premium. Conventional toasters don’t fit.

Frying pans definitely work. But they take longer to toast, you can’t fry eggs at the same time and then your breakfast gets cold. If you try it, make sure to add loads of butter to the pan. Deep-fried bread is delicious.stovetop toaster for RV

I researched different stovetop toasters for months before settling on this one from GSI outdoors. It’s actually designed more for backpacking than RVing. I have no clue if it’s the best, but it was the cheapest ($10) with high reviews, and probably also the smallest. It folds up to about the size of a CD case!

stovetop toaster for RV, folded atop its case

Other candidates I considered:

The GSI stovetop toaster is my “good enough” solution. It’s fast. The first few times I used it, I burnt the toast. Turns out I needed a diffuser between the toaster and the gas burner in order for the toast to work out well. I got this one for $6, but it tears up my stovetop so find yourself a different one. Also, any crumbs that drop down in the toaster burn up and make it smell like your toast is burning. Even when it isn’t. So the place tends to smell like burnt toast when I make it.

The end result, though? Totally worth it.

slice of toast from stovetop toaster for RV


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Living’ On a Prayer – amazingly wonderful, incredibly difficult.

I was woken by the sound of a semi truck a few feet from my head. This WalMart parking lot isn’t the quietest place to sleep, but it is one of the safest. And I’ve come to appreciate the silent community that huddles their vehicle homes close together without so much as darting eye contact.

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Getting up, again.

A long time ago, I had a blog. And after writing there a while it had a sudden burst of fame. Then I ghosted on it, and it died a slow, painful death.

The problem, I realize a decade later, was I thought I needed to get my shit together for an audience. You know, like since thousands of random people were now reading my posts I should give them something of actual value instead of my messed up self. [Read more…]

Relief – Beauty – Love

Text Art


Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Every fiber and ligament and thought eased.

It all floats
in the softest of sensations.

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Things that go Bump in the Night

It was approximately 2:15 am when I was woken by a piercing shriek.

I bolted upright and hit my head on the ceiling as the scream came again.

It was close by.

I tore out an earplug in a split-second thought to confirm what I was hearing – repeated shrieking right outside my car, where I was spending the night in a strange neighborhood for the first time. [Read more…]

Beautiful Now – An Escape into the Present

You have to let it go.

All of it.

Whatever “it” is.

Feel this moment.
Feel it in your body.
Feel it in your soul.

Right here
Right now
You have the power to make it beautiful.
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