Approximately 8.5 years of my life were spent mostly bedridden and confined to a custom built environment. I spent my days isolated and in severe suffering. Nowadays I wear a gas mask and can’t walk very far, but am much improved. I typically enjoy life in between tackling confounding chronic and acute health issues

Everyone wants to know what my diagnosis is. They think that will provide a solid starting point to understanding my medical condition. It doesn’t. Despite the growing list of labels stuck on me by dozens of doctors, I keep hearing: “But there must be something else, too.”

The most succinct summary I ever got was from an M.D. double board certified in gastroenterology and internal medicine. He told me in no uncertain terms: “You’re too ill for private medicine. Your condition is too complex. Your best bet is to travel cross-country to the Mayo Clinic, where specialists top in their field can all collaborate on your case. Even there it’s unlikely they’ll be able to identify the answers, but that’s your best chance.”

I didn’t go to the Mayo Clinic. I still don’t have answers.

What I do have is a few awesome doctors helping me, and some pieces to the medical puzzle.


Treatment modalities:

  • Osteopathy
  • Mind-body practices to regulate Autonomic Nervous System
  • (More to be listed)

Last updated 12/7/2017